2021 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-235
Tuesday, October 13 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Hästarna som ska säljas finns

Travare topp 10
Hip Name (Sex Color) Sire-Dam Buyer Price
30     Wild Bill Hiccup (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Designated Driver Rebecca Ewing-Buckner, Apple Creek, OH $35,000
132     Star Crystals (Brown Filly) Creatine - My Shooting Star Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $30,000
188     Might Naughty (Bay Filly) Full Count - The Naughty Nanny John Ivancic, Sandy Lake, PA $30,000
229     Spiritual Pride (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Betty's Sam Charles Taylor, Albion, MI $30,000
76     Long Time Winning (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Ivanette Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $29,000
135     C S Irene (Bay Filly) Long Tom - Nickie K Matt Rowe, Urbana, OH $29,000
6     Eckert Caviar (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Carrie The Torch Hugh Beatty, Orient, OH $28,000
162     Tequila Tom (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Royal Tequila Tye Loy, Columbia Station, OH $28,000
151     What The Heck (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Princess Addie Jim Crawford, Erieville, NY $27,000
32     Ticket Girl (Bay Filly) Creatine - Dojea Volare Mike Vigna, Warren, MI $25,000

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Fullständigt resultat
Hip Name (Sex Color) Sire-Dam Consignor Buyer Price
1     Basil Hill (Brown Colt) Racing Hill - C C Spice Cool Winds Farm, Agent Herman and Morgan Hagerman, Kidron, OH $10,000
2     Coco Cert (Bay Filly) Big Chocolate - C E R T Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Diamond Equine Tim Van Horn, Malta, OH $6,500
3     Talk Dreamy To Me (Brown Gelding) Racing Hill - Cameo And Lace Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Daren Harvey, Agent for Ron Wagner, Wooster, OH $12,000
4     Bigriskbuddy (Bay Colt) Bigrisk - Canbec Jewell Sun Andy Burkholder Farm Mark Schlabach, Agent, Apple Creek, OH $7,500
5     Enterprise Baby (Bay Filly) Enterprise - Cantab Baby Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Aquillas Stoltzfus Joe Yoder, Agent, Fredericksburg, OH $7,500
6     Eckert Caviar (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Carrie The Torch Rose Run Farm, Agent for Marlin Miller Hugh Beatty, Orient, OH $28,000
7     Hills Of Pearl (Bay Colt) What The Hill - Caviar And Pearls Trotting Traditions, Agent Hugh Beatty, Orient, OH $15,500
8     Team Ed (Bay Colt) Team Six - Caviar Dunn Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Matthew Brown, Newark, OH $7,500
9     First Choice Grace (Bay Filly) Global Republic - Chapter Of Love Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Jim Bianchi, Columbus, OH $6,000
10     Happy Girl (Bay Filly) Long Tom - Cheerful Lady Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $16,000
11     Star At Heart (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Cincy Star Double Springs Farm   Out
12     Swan We Go (Bay Colt) Swan In A Million - Come On We Go Perry Coblentz Pasko Vucinaj, Greenville, OH $11,000
13     Fly On Over (Bay Filly) Fly On - Comeupforair Crystal Springs Stables Greg Kahrig, Washington, PA $8,500
14     Smooth Cruiser (Bay Colt) Bigrisk - Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Stephen Sexton, Xenia, OH $15,000
15     Flying Girl (Bay Filly) Bigrisk - Corner Girl Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Stephen Sexton, Xenia, OH $12,500
16     Doo Wop Buddy (Bay Colt) Well Said - Corona Again Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Thad Doty, Osseo, MI $13,500
17     Bud Lite Lime (Bay Colt) Rockin Amadeus - Corona With Lime Cool Winds Farm Chris Hope, Greenville, OH $10,000
18     EA Code Blue (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Cosmo Blue Chip Abby Stables, Agent Scott Cox, Streetsboro, OH $12,000
19     Crazy But Classy (Brown Filly) Nothing But Class - Crazy Over You Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mervin Yoder Stacey Nisonger, Lebanon, OH $8,500
20     Cruisin Vintage (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Cruise On Ashley Winterwood Farm, Agent Dan Reynolds, Crestline, OH $8,000
21     Captain Flash (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Daliance Sonnenberg Stables LLC James Mims, New Castle, PA $12,000
22     BC Foxie Lady (Bay Filly) Expressive Action - Dame Lindy Bear Creek Stables David Meyer, Sidney, OH $4,500
23     Hopeful Dancer (Brown Filly) Domethatagain - Dashboard Dancer Abby Stables D & R Racing Stable, Benton, KY $5,500
24     He'lldoitagain (Black Colt) Domethatagain - Dasher'sbeachfilly Abby Stables Kylena Murphy, Celina, OH $8,000
25     Day Ata Tine (Bay Colt) Creatine - Daylon Mission Dublin Valley Farm, Agent   Out

Aries Dynasty (Bay Filly) Big Bad John - Dazzling Diana NutterButter Farms Jim Van Boven, Canton, MI $7,500
27     Tom's Royalty (Bay Filly) Long Tom - Deam Of Royalty Winterwood Farm, Agent for Marsh Valley Standardbreds LLC Jacob Miller, Salesville, OH $23,000
28     Doo Wop Bobby (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Denyittotheend Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Tyler Bates, Agent for Bob Geist, Gibsonburg, OH $8,000
29     Racing Depth (Bay Filly) Racing Hill - Depth More Depth Winterwood Farm, Agent Jayne Weller, Republic, OH $16,000
30     Wild Bill Hiccup (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - Designated Driver Trotting Traditions, Agent Rebecca Ewing-Buckner, Apple Creek, OH $35,000
31     McVera (Bay Filly) McArdle - Designer Dreams Spurwood Farm LLC Ryan Morefield, Howell, MI $15,000
32     Ticket Girl (Bay Filly) Creatine - Dojea Volare Dublin Valley Farm Mike Vigna, Warren, MI $25,000
33     Tommy Dunn (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Dolly Dunn Henry D. Burkholder Ron Steck, Agent, Marengo, OH $15,000
34     I'm Peachy Keen (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Donatos Peach Spurwood Farm LLC Kim Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $9,500
35     Premier Kitkat (Bay Filly) Sebastian KS - Doveroto Winterwood Farm, Agent for Pemier Acres   Out
36     What Freshill (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Drive Me Wild Cool Winds Farm, Agent Scotty Reed, Agent, West Farmington, OH $6,500
37     Hana's Drivin West (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Drivin' Miss Rudee Abby Stables Cory Deyermand, Dorset, OH $19,500
38     Tom's Big Blaze (Bay Colt) Long Tom - DW's Ali Hickory Lane Farm, Agent Jerry Peters, Concord, OH $12,500
39     Miss Lucinda (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Electra De Vie Cool Wind Farm Duane Miller, Bolivar, OH $8,500
40     Royal Focus (Brown Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Elena Abby Stables, Agent for Leon Troyer Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $20,000
41     Tuxedo Fashion (Bay Colt) Jitterbug - Emotional Fashion Pine Grove Acres Meganne Murdock, Petersburg, MI $7,000
42     Star Backee (Brown Filly) Winbak Yankee - Engamer Nordc Star Oak Ridge Farm   Out
43     Handsome Hank (Bay Colt) Stormin Normand - Escadilla Abby Stables Levi Hershberger, North Lawrence, OH $10,000
44     Caught Ya Looking (Bay Colt) What The Hill - Examination Hickory Lane Farm Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $22,000
45     Barley A Tease (Bay Colt) Charley Barley - Extreme Prejudice Ohio State University ATI William Rufenacht, Archbold, OH $9,500
46     BC Sweetheart (Bay Filly) Bullville Powerful - Faking It Bear Creek Stables Dannie Ray Hostetler, West Farmington, OH $4,500
47     Feree Fiero (Bay Filly) Santa Fe Beachboy - Feelin Outrageous Clearview Stables Jeff Kirkbride, Woodsfield, OH $4,000
48     Fiesty Magician (Bay Colt) Whit - Feisty Love Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Gerald Beechy, Shipshewana, IN $7,000
49     Final Drive (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Final Touch Winterwood Farm, Agent for LNM Standardbreds Steve Bauder, Greenville, OH $14,000
50     Vindale (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Fine Art Mindale Trotting Traditions, Agent John Brian Georges, Wilmington, OH $9,000

Sheza Creatine (Brown Filly) Creatine - Fiorenza Pine Grove Acres Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $22,000
52     Delightful Art (Bay Filly) Domethatagain - For The Glory Trotting Traditions, Agent Kent Wolfe, Syracuse, OH $5,000
53     Hot Rod Harley (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Frannie's Ridge Abby Stables Samuel Raneri, Greensburg, PA $18,000
54     Lady's Kickstart (Bay Colt) Bigrisk - Fsolatdo Bluegrass Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Harvey Toops, New Carlisle, OH $4,500
55     Quinndelynn (Bay Filly) Santa Fe Beachboy - Give No Lip Cool Winds Farm David Nolan, Gallipolis, OH $5,000
56     Tony's Boy (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Susannah Brushy Acres Steven Mast, Sugarcreek, OH $10,000
57     Global Photo (Brown Filly) Global Republic - Godess Of Chaos Weaver Ridge Farm Ronald Offenberger, Beverly, OH $6,000
58     ATI Beach You To It (Bay Filly) Bring On The Beach - Gracey Merl Ohio State University ATI Isaiah Shrake, Navarre, OH $5,500
59     Hollywood Handsome (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Heart Headed Abby Stables Joan Burns, Milford Center, OH $7,000
60     Classy Winner (Bay Colt) Nothing But Class - Herbedaone Hidden Meadows Farm Stephen Sexton, Xenia, OH $10,000
61     Rumor Has It (Bay Filly) Well Said - Here And Now LMN Bred Stables, Agent Donald Dunbar, Marysville, OH $8,000
62     Rose Run Yuri (Bay Filly) Nob Hill High - Highway To Rock Rose Run Farm TD Trot, LLC, Hallandale Beach, FL $41,000
63     Holly's Cannonball (Brown Colt) Creatine - Holly's Diamond Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Susan Robbins, Republic, OH $10,000
64     Head Honcho Bo (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Hooray For Mom Abby Stables Mark Winters, Sadina, OH $10,000
65     Hoorayimawinner (Brown Gelding) What The Hill - Hoorayi'monmyway Cool Winds Farm, Agent   Out
66     Milk Money (Bay Colt) We Will See - Hot Mandy LMN Bred Stables, Agent Don Irvine, Streetsboro, OH $5,500
67     Asian Zing (Brown Colt) Dontyouforgetit - HP Guccio Girl Dublin Valley Farm Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $21,000
68     Twish (Brown Filly) Long Tom - Iam Spikes Wish Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC Dan Reynolds, Crestline, OH $23,000
69     Hot Headed Machine (Bay Colt) Art Director - Iemma Machine Baby Abby Stables Donald Lark Jr., Hermitage, PA $11,000
70     Premier Dreamwell (Bay Gelding) Well Said - If I Didn't Dream Winterwood Farm, Agent for Pemier Acres Bruce Farquhar, Paulding, OH $9,000
71     Lady With No Fear (Bay Filly) Fear The Dragon - I-Lady Abby Stables Sandra Hennessey, Grand Blanc, MI $14,000
72     Talebearer (Bay Colt) His Highness - Impeding Hanover Sonnenberg Stables LLC Brandon Bartley, Pickerington, OH $8,000
73     Rose Run Yakim (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Incredible Fortuna Rose Run Farm Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $16,000
74     So Beat It (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Is That So Dublin Valley Farm , Agent for Triple Y Farms   Out
75     Stop The Clock (Brown Colt) Western Vintage - Island View Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach Luanne Riber, West Milton, OH $10,000
76     Long Time Winning (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Ivanette Perry Coblentz Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $29,000
77     Twodollars (Bay Filly) Enterprise - Iwantmytwodollars Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Tim Troyer Jim Beluscak, Strongsville, OH $10,000
78     Jess Imagine (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - J H Jessica Double Springs Farm Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $20,000
79     Jazz Cruiser (Bay Filly) Yankee Cruiser - Jazzhands Hanover Pleasant Hill Farm Ralph Calvert Jr., Racine, OH $6,000
80     Hunk Of Love (Brown Colt) Well Said - Jena Mac Love LMN Bred Stables Ashley Cockrell, Anna, TX $8,000
81     Victor On The Go (Bay Colt) What The Hill - JoJo On The Gogo Trotting Traditions, Agent for Joni J. Hostetler   Out
82     Cammill's Money Man (Bay Colt) Fear The Dragon - Precious Cammill Pine Grove Acres Brandon Bartley, Pickerington, OH $9,000
83     Rail Jet (Bay Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Jolie Jule Crystal Springs Stables Le Van Stables, Woodstock, OH $8,000
84     Bullville Fastboy (Bay Gelding) Bullville Powerful - Joyfully Martin D. Yoder Lavon Miller, Topeka, IN $5,000
85     Pier Seven (Brown Colt) Long Tom - Joyfulntriumphant Abby Stables, Agent for Leon Troyer Wayne Mast Jr., Dundee, OH $25,000
86     Hadmebyhalftime (Bay Colt) Art Director - Judy's Promise Abby Stables Samuel Clark, Beverly, OH $6,000
87     He's A Tomkat (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Kat N Mouse Abby Stables Randy Stevenson, Rostraver Twp, PA $20,000
88     Pep n Her Step (Brown Filly) Southwind Pepino - Katla Spurwood Farm LLC Vicki Frye, Jerusalem, OH $4,000
89     Homegrown Honey B (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Keladi Blue Chip Abby Stables Mike Micallef, Agent, Hopewell, OH $14,000
90     Mission Valley (Bay Filly) Enterprise - Kowtow Hanover Dublin Valley Farm Susan Sickle, Clarksville, PA $14,500
91     Moments Of Creation (Bay Filly) Creatine - KT Priceless Moment Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Marty Miller, Seville, OH $21,000
92     Rapid Chat (Bay Colt) Well Said - Kwik Dali Abby Stables Marion Chupp, Millersburg, OH $8,500
93     Seven Lick Triumph (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Lady Mayflower Seven Lick Stables Daren Harvey, Canton, OH $12,000
94     Skipping Stride (Brown Colt) Winning Fireworks - Lady SJ Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $14,000
95     Enterspeed (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Latraviata Hanover Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder Gerald Mijal, Westland, MI $13,000
96     Yankee DeVive (Brown Colt) Winbak Yankee - Lavieenrose DeVie Oak Ridge Farm Gerald Mijal, Westland, MI $8,000
97     Yaaassssssss Queen (Bay Filly) Creatine - Lindy's Prom Queen Cool Winds Farm, Agent Douglas DeRocco, Caro, MI $10,000
98     Millindasfear (Black Filly) Fear The Dragon - Lindysbathinbeauty Cool Winds Farm, Agent Ron Gorby, St. Marys, OH $14,000
99     Valley Song (Brown Filly) Nothing But Class - Little Flower Dublin Valley Farm John Ivancic, Sandy Lake, PA $10,000
100     High Flyin' Filly (Brown Filly) Domethatagain - Live The Xtreme Abby Stables Dannie Ray Hostetler, West Farmington, OH $10,000
101     Bic To Bac (Bay Colt) Winbak Yankee - Livia's Secret Oak Ridge Farm John Ivancic, Sandy Lake, PA $19,000
102     Rose Run Youtube (Brown Colt) And Away We Go - Loconotion Rose Run Farm Raymond Gingrich, Hillsboro, OH $9,000
103     Lovin On The Beach (Bay Colt) Bring On The Beach - Love Power Spurwood Farm LLC Stacey Nisonger, Lebanon, OH $7,500
104     Waiting For Darkness (Brown Filly) Santa Fe Beachboy - LPGA LMN Bred Stables, Agent Wall Bros. Stable, Marion, OH $8,000
105     Flashy Dragon (Bay Filly) Fear The Dragon - Lucky And Good Trotting Traditions, Agent Hosea Williams, West Point, MS $7,500
106     EA Lucky Hill (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Lucky Lady Hill Abby Stables, Agent Dan Krebehenne, Richwood, OH $6,000
107     Twotimesacharm (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Lucky Virgin Miller Equine Deborah Procyshyn, Wooster, OH $3,000
108     Golden Endeavor (Bay Filly) Enterprise - Lucky W LMN Bred Stables Anthony Miller, Kidron, OH $10,000
109     Powerful Lyons (Bay Colt) Bullville Powerful - Lyons Mandi Winterwood Farm, Agent Ryan Miller, Greenville, OH $8,000
110     Mo Mo And Ready (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Mach Mae Over LMN Bred Stables Leonard Rich, North Royalton, OH $4,000
111     Hold It (Bay Filly) Rockin Amadeus - Mach's Delicacy Cool Winds Farm Kimberly Haines, Lima, OH $5,000
112     You Got It Max (Bay Colt) Dontyouforgetit - Macs Dream Dublin Valley Farm Lee Unkefer, Columbiana, OH $19,000
113     Rose Run Yannick (Chestnut Colt) Western Vintage - Maeve Hanover Rose Run Farm John VanHorn, Germantown, OH $18,000
114     Maidle (Brown Filly) McArdle - Maid In Shade Oak Ridge Farm Eric Nesselroad, Stockport, OH $9,000
115     Majorita Hill (Bay Filly) Racing Hill - Majorette Hanover Elmer Lapp Nathan Davis, West Portsmouth, OH $3,000
116     Hailstorm Maker (Bay Filly) Stormin Normand - Makeherownway Abby Stables Levi Hershberger, North Lawrence, OH $9,000
117     Cruisen Abigail (Brown Filly) Yankee Cruiser - Markella Clearview Stables Michael R. Miller, Fred, OH $10,000
118     Western BB (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Mary Celeste Henry D. Burkholder David Pirnstill, Bucyrus, OH $18,000
119     Mayan's Racing Jessi (Bay Filly) Racing Hill - Mayan Moose Winterwood Farm, Agent Cory Deyermand, Dorset, OH $3,500
120     Money Pan (Bay Colt) The Panderosa - Michelle's Victory Crystal Springs Stables Melvin Byler, Salesville, OH $7,500
121     Missclassygirl (Bay Filly) Nothing But Class - Miss Conway A D Dundee Stable Jay Weller, Republic, OH $8,000
122     Say What You Will (Brown Colt) Well Said - Miss Easy Cam LMN Bred Stables, Agent Ken Holliday, Agent, Hilliard, OH $5,500
123     Barley Quinn (Bay Filly) Charley Barley - Miss K Nora Ohio State University ATI Michael Molitor, Antwerp, OH $5,500
124     Kountry Mission (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Mission Revealed Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder Scott Ferguson, Troy, OH $9,500
125     What A Prospect (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Missive Clearview Stables Ron Potter, Delaware, OH $7,500
126     Modern Kountry (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Modern Mercury Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder Charles Myers, Houston, PA $23,000
127     Limestone Gem (Bay Filly) Pet Rock - Moonless Night Crystal Springs Stables Bill Miller, Trenton, OH $10,500
128     Principal John (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Ms Lady Annabell Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Curve Acres Farm Hugh Beatty, Agent, Orient, OH $14,000
129     CL Rush Pilot (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - MS Rush Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Farm Jimmy Smith, Agent, Massillon, OH $4,000
130     Beaches B Craycray (Bay Colt) Lost For Words - My Beach Baby Cool Winds Farm Kim Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $6,000
131     Just B Ian (Bay Colt) Uncle Peter - My Lucky Princess LMN Bred Stables Anthony Miller, Dundee, OH $15,000
132     Star Crystals (Brown Filly) Creatine - My Shooting Star Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Dennis Miller Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $30,000
133     Kemp's Crystal (Bay Filly) Whit - Mythical Kemp Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Melissa Burns, Milford Center, OH $8,000
134     He's Half Naked (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Naked At The Beach Abby Stables Mike Polhamus, Troy, OH $25,000
135     C S Irene (Bay Filly) Long Tom - Nickie K Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler Matt Rowe, Urbana, OH $29,000
136     Turnsoutimpressive (Brown Colt) We Will See - Oh That's Impressive Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Beachy Bros., Berlin, OH $4,000
137     Rock's One Desire (Bay Colt) Pet Rock - One Night's Desire Clearview Stables, Agent Tom Bush, Crooksville, OH $7,000
138     Rose Run Yeehaw (Bay Filly) McArdle - Onherway Killean Rose Run Farm Sandy Hennessey, Grand Blanc, MI $12,500
139     Miss Steffy Check (Bay Filly) Racing Hill - P L Knockout Pleasant Hill Farm Daniel Hayes, Streetsboro, OH $4,500
140     Countin On Cash (Black Colt) Fear The Dragon - Paid In Cash Winterwood Farm, Agent for Sandy Loam Standardbreds Curt Massie, Sycamore, OH $7,000
141     Headstrong Hallie (Bay Filly) Western Vintage - Paper Princess Abby Stables Andy Malone, Waterford, OH $5,500
142     People's Delight (Black Filly) Domethatagain - People Like Me Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber Robert Johnson, Imlay City, MI $3,500
143     Team America (Bay Filly) Team Six - Perceptive Caviar Andy Burkholder Farm Le Van Stables, Woodstock, OH $10,000
144     No More Sweet (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Almond Joy Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach Steve Schoefell, Evans City, PA $18,000
145     Talkatyoulater (Bay Colt) Nothing But Class - Pine Country Dundee Stable, Agent Ronald Wulber, Versailles, OH $4,500
146     Winning Hill (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Pita Trotting Traditions, Agent Roger Morlock, Valley City, OH $12,000
147     Credit My Tom (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Playful Credit Winterwood Farm, Agent Robert Kline, Millersburg, OH $15,000
148     Pleased To Be Me (Bay Filly) Uncle Peter - Please Mr DJ Hickory Lane Farm, Agent for Shari Eidens Robert Kline, Millersburg, OH $10,000
149     Big Sue (Bay Filly) Bigrisk - Posterone Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Willie Bell, Starkville, MS $4,500
150     Cruisin Jolene (Bay Filly) Yankee Cruiser - Jolie Hanover Pine Grove Acres Susan Sickle, Clarksville, PA $9,000
151     What The Heck (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Princess Addie Rose Run Farm, Agent Jim Crawford, Erieville, NY $27,000
152     I About Had It (Bay Filly) Well Said - Princessofdarkness Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Steven Mast Henry Trimble, Byram, MS $5,000
153     Rural King (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Prosecco Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC Scott Rooks, Greenfield, OH $3,500
154     Shining Dragon (Brown Colt) Fear The Dragon - Prymetyme Shine Abby Stables Ryan Householder, Junction City, OH $5,000
155     Rose Run Yosef (Bay Colt) And Away We Go - Queen Extreme Rose Run Farm Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $19,000
156     Hill Country's Sassie (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Race Me Ceile Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Hill Country Acres Duane Miller, Bolivar, OH $7,500
157     Devoted Beauty (Brown Colt) Enterprise - Rare Beauty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent David Wills, Newark, OH $25,000
158     Aquaholic (Bay Filly) Downbytheseaside - AllAmerican Happy Spurwood Farm LLC Brendan Johnson, Urbana, OH $28,000
159     Gold Camo (Roan  Colt) Bigrisk - Roan Camo Andy Burkholder Farm William Clabaugh, Upper Sandusky, OH $17,000
160     West Vintage Rapture (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Romantic Fever Clearview Stables, Agent Diane Hudson, Wellington, OH $2,500
161     Kiss My Brass (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Kadema Hickory Lane Farm, Agent for Shari Eidens Jessica McCown, Ostrander, OH $19,000
162     Tequila Tom (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Royal Tequila Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler Tye Loy, Columbia Station, OH $28,000
163     Heidi's Filly (Bay Filly) Domethatagain - Salt And Pepper Abby Stables Gerald Beechy, Shipshewana, IN $6,000
164     Little Judith (Bay Filly) Bigrisk - Sam Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $3,500
165     Solution (Brown Colt) Downbytheseaside - Satisfy My Soul Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach Mark Evers, Lebanon, OH $55,000
166     Scooter Flo (Bay Filly) Lost For Words - Scootin Metro Cool Winds Farm Ken Holliday, Agent, Hilliard, OH $6,500
167     Rose Run Y'all (Bay Colt) Racing Hill - Sebring Blue Chip Rose Run Farm Darren Dowler, Prospect, OH $10,500
168     Downbythecreekside (Bay Colt) Downbytheseaside - Shark Festival Stone Creek Stables Wayne Mast Jr., Dundee, OH $42,000
169     Here Comes Raymond (Bay Gelding) Bullville Powerful - Shesa Pony Bear Creek Stables Cheyenne Link, Canton, OH $4,500
170     Long Tom Jess (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Sheza Jessie Eli S. Miller Rosy Weaver, Beach City, OH $14,000
171     Creatavacation (Bay Filly) Creatine - Short Vacation Oak Ridge Farm Gerald Beechy, Shipshewana, IN $25,000
172     Show Your Speed (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Show Your Lindy's Dublin Valley Farm Robert Rowland, Jackson, MI $10,000
173     Reptoid (Brown Colt) Well Said - Silverheels Princes Hickory Lane Farm, Agent   Out
174     Mamietrea (Bay Colt) Beachtrea - Sltadie Mamie Robert Omaits   Out
175     Chip's Caviar (Bay Colt) Triumphant Caviar - Smart Chip Abby Stables, Agent for Leroy Miller Dalton Walls, Agent for Bruce Soulsby, Greenville, OH $33,000
176     Vintage Crunch (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Sneacret Hanover Clearview Stables Dustin Arledge, Agent, Orient, OH $8,500
177     Rose Run Yuria (Bay Colt) McArdle - So Rocked Rose Run Farm John VanHorn, Germantown, OH $13,000
178     Orange Cremesicle (Brown Filly) Creatine - Sorbet Hall LMN Bred Stables Danny Collins, Columbus, OH $25,000
179     Heir Of Southwest (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Southwind Madonna Abby Stables Brad Aspen, Caistor Center, Ontario, CAN $9,500
180     CL Pipers Peanut (Black Colt) Domethatagain - Southwind Piper Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Farm Rebecca Glassford, Bell, FL $4,000
181     Holstered Gun (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Split Screen Abby Stables Donald Lark Jr., Hermitage, PA $19,000
182     Strike's Action (Brown Filly) Expressive Action - Strike Ten Brushy Acres Thomas Adams, Findlay, OH $11,000
183     Stunners Fast Girl (Bay Filly) Enterprise - Stunner Hanover Dublin Valley Farm   Out
184     High Flying Kid (Bay Gelding) School Kids - Super Scene Jonathan R. Miller JoLynn VanRhoden, Washington Court House, OH $1,500
185     Long Nancy (Bay Filly) Long Tom - G-Momma Brushy Acres Garry Martin, Jefferson, OH $15,000
186     Sweet Carrie T (Brown Filly) Muscle Mass - Sweet Ashley T Winterwood Farm, Agent   Out
187     Onederfulbeach (Bay Filly) Beachtrea - Tailwind Hanover Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Robert Eicher Christopher Beaver, Radnor, OH $7,000
188     Might Naughty (Bay Filly) Full Count - The Naughty Nanny Brushy Acres John Ivancic, Sandy Lake, PA $30,000
189     We Go On Fire (Bay Filly) And Away We Go - Thisgirlisonfire Bill Troyer E G Trot LLC, Findlay, OH $10,000
190     Rose Run Yona (Brown Filly) McArdle - Tropic's Beachgirl Rose Run Farm Cory Deyermand, Dorset, OH $18,000
191     TT Jericho (Brown Colt) Bullville Powerful - Trouble Talk Joseph A. Mullet & Mark Samanas Brian Roebuck, North Lewisburg, OH $7,000
192     Ubetirock (Bay Colt) Pet Rock - U Betican BB Crystal Springs Stables Greg Luther, Blacklick, OH $12,000
193     Wally Said (Bay Colt) Well Said - Unique Legacy Henry D. Burkholder Troy Hufford, Findlay, OH $10,000
194     Spark In Thre Dark (Bay Filly) Sunshine Beach - Up Front Angel LMN Bred Stables, Agent Don Dunham, Marysville, OH $6,000
195     Redaire (Chestnut Filly) Helpisontheway - Vallaire Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Aquilla King Lavon Miller, Topeka, IN $4,500
196     Hereforagoodtime (Bay Colt) Domethatagain - Van Anna Abby Stables   Out
197     Seaside Abby (Bay Filly) Downbytheseaside - Velocity Abby Henry D. Burkholder Mark Evers, Lebanon, OH $50,000
198     Mister Class (Bay Colt) Nothing But Class - Vicki Lyn Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Jeannine Leu, Archbold, OH $6,000
199     BC Cash It (Bay Gelding) Expressive Action - Victory Is Ours Bear Creek Stables Deborah Swartz, Spring Valley, OH $6,500
200     Venture Vic (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Victory's Sister Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Leroy Raber Thomas Sicuro, Ravenna, OH $24,000
201     Hot Cakes Jake (Bay Colt) Art Director - Warm Waffles Abby Stables Frank Johnson, Handen, OH $6,500
202     Barfield (Bay Colt) Long Tom - Warrawee Trip LMN Bred Stables, Agent for Joel Auker Deborah Swartz, Spring Valley, OH $17,000
203     Racin For Royalty (Bay Filly) Racing Hill - Western Royalty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Brandon Bartley, Pickerington, OH $10,000
204     White Sands Beach (Bay Colt) Bring On The Beach - White Sand Pleasant Hill Farm Deirdre Hotton, Wooster, OH $2,500
205     Rose Run Yenling (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Wishuwerehere Rose Run Farm Jimmy Smith, Agent, Massillon, OH $10,000
206     C S Classy Wolf (Brown Colt) Nothing But Class - Wolf's Jann Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler Daryl Vigna, Waterford Twp, MI $10,000
207     Dark Brick Road (Bay Colt) Beachtrea - Yellow Brick Road Dundee Stable Jimmy Smith, Agent, Massillon, OH $7,000
208     All Hopped Up (Black Colt) Racing Hill - Adrienne My Love Cool Winds Farm Eric Haynes, Blissfield, MI $9,500
209     Runaway Yankee (Brown Colt) Yankee Cruiser - Allabouttheride LMN Bred Stables, Agent for Joni Borkholder Ken Holliday, Agent, Hilliard, OH $4,500
210     BC Dancing Woman (Bay Filly) Expressive Action - AllAmerican Cheer Bear Creek Stables   Out
211     Honest Nation (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - AllAmerican Nation Abby Stables Dean Williamson, Warsaw, OH $6,000
212     Ms Rowdy Rhoda (Bay Filly) Expressive Action - Allie Jae Bear Creek Stables Daren Harvey, Agent for Rosy Weaver, Canton, OH $13,500
213     City Lights (Brown Colt) Winning Fireworks - Philly City Hall Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach Charles Myers, Houston, PA $9,500
214     Amaretto's Andy (Bay Colt) And Away We Go - Amaretto Delight Rose Run Farm, Agent for Leon Yoder Kim Dailey, Mechanicsburg, OH $7,500
215     Western Trapper (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Anegada Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Isaiah Shrake, Navarre, OH $7,500
216     Tom's Nancy (Brown Filly) Long Tom - Angie Brushy Acres Rick Estle, Oakwood, OH $11,000
217     Barley Mischievous (Bay Colt) Charley Barley - Annakate Ohio State University ATI Catherine Fuchs, Canton, OH $9,000
218     Ann E Prise (Bay Filly) Enterprise - Ann-E Oaks Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Curve Acres Farm Jim Arledge Jr., Agent, Orient, OH $16,500
219     Lazorette (Bay Filly) What The Hill - April Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent Kevin Manley, Beavercreek, OH $13,000
220     Team B (Bay Colt) Team Six - Arianna Hall Andy Burkholder Farm Le Van Stables, Woodstock, OH $10,000
221     Calandiva Zette (Bay Colt) Well Said - Artificial Flower LMN Bred Stables, Agent Ashley Cockrell, Anna, TX $5,000
222     Give Me The Prise (Bay Colt) Enterprise - Audio Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Triple Y Farms Kevin Wulff, East Liberty, OH $9,000
223     Lilly by The Sea (Brown Filly) Downbytheseaside - Bahama Island Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Sunset Dream Farm Sherman Farms, Elmore, OH $30,000
224     Monica Kay (Bay Filly) Bigrisk - Bank The Door Andy Burkholder Farm Walter Andrasi, Middleburg Hts, OH $6,500
225     Mucho Mollin (Bay Colt) Beachtrea - Barefoot Julie Clearview Stables Jeremy Howard, Rock Island, TN $4,500
226     Halle Beauty (Bay Filly) Triumphant Caviar - Beautiful Abby Stables Dalton Walls, Agent for Bruce Soulsby, Greenville, OH $37,000
227     Queen Of My Dreams (Bay Filly) Final Fantasy - Beauty Of My Dream Joseph A. Mullet Danita Harvey, Mineral City, OH $4,000
228     Heartthrob Alert (Bay Colt) Western Vintage - Bell Flower Abby Stables Jim Arledge Jr., Agent, Orient, OH $18,000
229     Spiritual Pride (Bay Filly) What The Hill - Betty's Sam Winterwood Farm, Agent Charles Taylor, Albion, MI $30,000
230     WF Hope (Bay Filly) Well Said - Blissful Dreamer Wilker Family Farms   Out
231     Noblight (Bay Gelding) Nob Hill High - Blue Lights Elmer Lapp Andrew Zenk, Jasper, MI $5,000
232     Delighful Art (Brown Gelding) Art Director - Bohemian Delight Weaver Ridge Farm Danny Hayes, Streetsboro, OH $6,000
233     Bounding Roan (Roan  Filly) Bigrisk - Bound To Be Good Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent Dustin Arledge, Agent, Orient, OH $17,000
234     Global Girl (Bay Filly) Global Republic - Bullville Ata Girl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Bill Byler Sue Stockwell, Jefferson, OH $6,500
235     Nothingbutkandi (Black Filly) Nothing But Class - Bumbleb'z Kandi Weaver Ridge Farm Brian Roebuck, North Lewisburg, OH $8,000