Svensk tränade hästar som såldes på Harrisburg Auktionen 11 November 2022

Flera bra Svensk tränade hästar såldes under sista mixade auktions dagen i Harrisburg. ()= tränare

#1210 Soubrette Hanover (MM) f t   Father Patrick Star Hanover 40,000
#1301 Carry The Day (MM) c t   Father Patrick Winning Missbrenda 37,000
#1302 Cavalry (NT) c t   Father Patrick Katniss 32,000
#1305 G Load (MM) c t   Nuncio Malmo 21,000
#1306 Gorgonzola (MM) c t   Father Patrick Debra Hall 12,000
#1307 Kinch (MM) c t   Father Patrick Religulous 27,000
#1308 King Kong Kalibre (MM) c p   Sweet Lou Wicked Little Minx 35,000
#1310 Solar Event (ÅS) g p   Sweet Lou SoSolar Eclipse 30,000
#1315 Kid Did It (MM) c p   Fear The Dragon Art Sale 10,000
#1316 Knut Palema (ÅS) c t   Walner Helen Palema 30,000
#1327 Juliette (LW) f t   Cantab Hall Deli - Massive 18,000
#1331 Ursula Blue Chip (ÅS) f p   Sweet Lou Onassis Blue Chip 32,000
#1346 Danielle Hill (ÅS) f t   Muscle Hill Cousin Bea 55,000
#1353 Challenger (ÅS) c t   Muscle Hill Atonement OUT
#1354 Kaleun (MM) c t   Chapter Seven Commando Queen NOT SOLD 38,000
#1355 Take My Name (MM) c t   Muscle Hill Candy Store S 35,000
#1356 Alonso (PE) c t   Father Patrick Prettiestgalaround 37,000
#1364 Times Like These (ÅS) g t   Father Patrick Urban Legend 25,000
#1412 Ebbies Lady (ÅS) f t   Southwind Frank Ebbtide Hall 72,000
#1425 Peyton Hanover (MM) f t   Muscle Hill Pennies From Above 430,000
#1429 Selfie Queen (NT) f t   Muscle Hill Lady Lakewood 500,000
#1436 Vogue (PE) f t   Father Patrick Swan And Only 130,000
#1460 Jula Pro Hanover (PE) f t   Muscle Hill Cedar Dove 25,000
#1466 Whistle A Song (PE) f t   Muscle Hill Flowers N Songs 57,000
#1469 Bank Breaks (PE) f t   Break The Bank K My Winning Way K 30,000
#1479 Missy Trix (PE) f t   Trixton Miss Chip K 32,000
#1498 Eden Onthehill (ÅS) c t   Muscle Hill Taylor Jean 22,000
#1499 Jetborne (MM) c t   Walner Womans Will OUT
#1501 B A Superhero (LW) c t   Muscle Hill Win Missy B 220,000
#1504 Villain (ÅS) g t   Muscle Hill High Heels 45,000
#1506 Captain Cowboy (ÅS) c p   Captaintreacherous Odds On Lassomyhrt 185,000
#1512 Looks Like Moni (NT) g t   Muscle Hill Thats All Moni 90,000
#1519 Tachyon (ÅS) g t   Muscle Hill Ava Marion 45,000
#1525 Primo Vomo (PE) c t   Kadabra Silent Opera K 32,000
#1529 As Always (PE) g p   Always B Miki A List Hanover 67,000
#1530 Jula Muscle Pack (PE) c t   Muscle Hill Bright Baby Blues OUT
#1531 Delayed Hanover (ÅS) c t   Southwind Frank Don't Wait Up 100,000
#1532 Gangster Hanover (ÅS) c t   Father Patrick Global Desire 100,000
#1541 Distance Learning (PE) c t   Chapter Seven Vintage Oaks 45,000
#1544 Jula Silver State (PE) g t   Chapter Seven Silverstar Volo 27,000
#1546 For The World (PE) c t   Chapter Seven Dream Baby Dream 27,000
#1547 Pub Hopping (PE) c t   Bar Hopping Amuse's 19,000
#1548 Talismano (MM) c t   Muscle Hill Donato Fashion 15,000
#1549 Weather Vanes (PE) c t   Deweycheatumnhowe Pleasure's Song 24,000
#1550 South For Winter (PE) c t   Southwind Frank Winter Sweet Frost 25,000