Pennsylvania Stallion Series

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    Raceday    2009-09-28
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Pennsylvania Stallion Series    FINAL
2 year old C&G    1.609m auto 
  Purse: 40 000$ 

RACE 6 - The Meadows - PA - September 28, 2009 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $40,000     Class: TSS-FINAL     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 60-0     Off Time: 7:40 PM 
HN  Horse                                                           Finish  Actual     LQ    Odds   Driver              Trainer 
2  Thierry                (Cantab Hall - Trance Anthem)             1/1H    1:59.1   30.4   14.30   Brett Miller        Fred Grant 
7  Punxsy Chuck           (Tom Ridge - Caviar And Pearls)           2/1H    1:59.2   31.1    4.50   Aaron Merriman      Jeff Miller 
6  Tommaso                (Tom Ridge - Bellissimo)                  3/1T    1:59.3   30.1   12.00   Brian Zendt         Walter Dunn 
8  Abundasass             (Abundance - Sassy Anna)                  4/2     1:59.3   30.3   14.00   Richard Stillings   Syl King Jr 
1  Cassini Hall           (Tom Ridge - Centerfold Hall)             5/6     2:00.2   31.3   21.20   William Fahy        Syl King Jr 
3  Emerald Ridge          (Tom Ridge - Moira Hall)                  6/7T    2:00.4   32.1    9.90   Tony Hall           Samuel Beegle 
4  Nightime Flash         (S J`s Photo - My Sabrena)                7/8Q    2:00.4   32.3   20.10   Charlie Norris      Charlie Norris 
5  Telephoto K            (S J`s Photo - America`s Treasure)        8/68    2:12.4g         *0.50   Dave Palone         Rich Gillock 

1st Thierry  (2, R   Cantab Hall - Trance Anthem - Tagliabue)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Russell Williams - PA
    Breeder(s):  Russell Williams - PA 
2nd Punxsy Chuck  (2, H   Tom Ridge - Caviar And Pearls - Sj`s Caviar)
    Registered Owner(s):  R Greenfield - OH, Raymond Frank - OH
    Breeder(s):  R Greenfield - OH 
3rd Tommaso  (2, G   Tom Ridge - Bellissimo - Lindy Lane)
    Registered Owner(s):  Dunn Stable - PA
    Breeder(s):  Dunn Stable - PA
RACE 1 - The Meadows - PA - September 28, 2009 
Gait: Trot     Purse: $20,000     Class: PA2YOSSCON     Distance: 1 mile     Track Cond: FT     Temp-Allow: 60-0     Off Time: 5:55 PM 
HN  Horse                                                           Finish  Actual     LQ Odds   Driver                Trainer 
2  Mm`s Lucky Boy         (Malabar Millennium - American Leggs)     1/HD    1:58.0   28.4   NB   Eric Ledford          Roland Mallar 
3  Ellisarro Hanover      (S J`s Photo - Esmeralda Hanover)         2/HD    1:58.0   28.3   NB   Brett Miller          Randy Bendis 
1  Southwind Nitro        (Sj`s Caviar - New York To Paris)         3/6Q    1:59.1   29.2   NB   William Daugherty Jr  William Daugherty Jr 
4  Proud American K       (American Winner - Little Supersister)    4/27T   2:03.3   32.1   NB   Dave Palone           Rich Gillock 

1st Mm`s Lucky Boy  (2, G   Malabar Millennium - American Leggs - American Winner)
    Registered Owner(s)/Lessee(s):  Lindwood Farm - PA
    Breeder(s):  William Altmeyer Sr - PA
2nd Ellisarro Hanover  (2, G   S J`s Photo - Esmeralda Hanover - Sierra Kosmos)
    Registered Owner(s):  Randy Bendis - PA, William Varney - ME
    Breeder(s):  Hanover Shoe Farms Inc - PA 
3rd Southwind Nitro  (2, H   Sj`s Caviar - New York To Paris - Lindy Lane)
    Registered Owner(s):  Susan Daugherty - PA
    Breeder(s):  Southwind Farm - NJ

Upset Parade In PASS Championships

Thierry was a six-race maiden entering the championship yet hit the board in each of those starts, a record that suggested he needed only a break to win. He got it Monday in the form of a pocket trip behind Punxsy Chuck. Bret Miller found late room with Thierry, and the 14-1 shot drew clear to score in 1:59.1. Punxsy Chuck was second, with Tommaso a closing third.

“We felt he was the kind of horse that didn’t like to win,” said Fred Grant, who trains the Cantab Hall-Trance Anthem homebred for Russell Williams. “If he was on the front, he didn’t like it, yet he wouldn’t go by horses. He got a good trip tonight and had a lot of trot in the stretch. It wasn’t a real strong last quarter, but time only counts in calendars.”

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