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    Raceday    2009-07-31
   Tidigare vinnare av Ontario Sire Stakes Gold Finaler - Elimination Omräknade tider.
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Ontario Sire Stakes    Gold Elim
3 year old filly trot 1.609m auto 
   Purse: 00 000$ 

3-Friendly Amigo            3.80   2.90   2.20     21207
6-Magic Sassy                      5.80   3.10      7340
5-Lindy Of My Dreams                      2.40      4070

EXACTOR (3-6) paid 24.50, pool 22302
TRIACTOR (3-6-5) paid 58.00, pool 29653
WIN THREE (5-2-3) paid 24.45, pool 6479

1 MILE, TROT, PURSE $40,000.
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
3   Friendly Amigo              3    1/1T    1/2     1/2     1/3      1/NK       1:57    29.1 B Burgess        0.90*  B Burgess
6   Magic Sassy=                6    6/6H    5/7T    5/5T    5/4T     2/NK       1:57    28   Ri Zeron        10.55   J Arledge
5   Lindy Of My Dreams=         5    4/5     4/5T    4@/3T   4/4Q     3/3Q       1:57.3  29   P Macdonell      2.05   T Macdonnell
4   Cuddler                     4    3/3H    3/3T    3@/2Q   3/3Q     5P4/5T     1:58.1  30   L Ouellette     20.00   M Brethour
2   Skyla                       2    2/1T    2/2     2/2     2/3      X4P5/4Q    1:57.4  29.3 J Hebert         4.85   J Smith
7   Butana                      7    5@/6    6/9T    X6/12   6/29     6/23       2:01.3  31.2 J Moiseyev      29.65   C Christoforou
1   Keep In Dutch=              1X   7/DIS   7/DIS   7/DIS   7/DIS    7/DIS                   S Condren       35.35   R Mcintosh
Time: 28.4, 59.3, 1:27.4, 1:57 (Temperature: 22, Condition: FT, Variant: 0)
Judges List: Keep In Dutch-BREAKS

1st  Friendly Amigo      (b,f,3 - Amigo Hall-Diminutive-Angus Hall)
                         Owner: Robert B Burgess,Campbellville-Karin Olsson Burgess,Milton,ON
2nd  Magic Sassy         (b,f,3 - Kadabra-Sassy Winner K-American Winner)
                         Owner: Robert J Key,Leechburg,PA
3rd  Lindy Of My Dreams  (b,f,3 - Angus Hall-Dream On Victory-Valley Victory)
                         Owner: Lindy Racing Stable,Enfield,CT

8-Ill Wait For You          4.50   3.10   2.60     27368
5-Mets Inn                         3.70   2.80     10241
3-Serenas Genie                           4.10      5603

EXACTOR (8-5) paid 18.10, pool 28931
TRIACTOR (8-5-3) paid 90.50, pool 39304

1 MILE, TROT, PURSE $40,000.
Horse                       HV PP    1/4     1/2     3/4     Stretch  Finish     Time    1/4  Driver           Odds   Trainer
8   Ill Wait For You            8    6/13Q   6@/6T   3@/1T   1/1Q     1/4H       1:56.4  29.3 T Ritchie        1.25*  D Creighton
5   Mets Inn                    5    4/9     5/5     4@/4    4/2T     2/4H       1:57.3  30   Ra Waples        3.20   J Bax
3   Serenas Genie               3    3/6H    3/3Q    6@/5T   5/3H     3/5H       1:57.4  29.4 L Ouellette     12.15   P Henriksen
7   Simply Stirling             7    5/11H   4@/4H   2@/Q    2/1Q     4/9        1:58.3  31.4 K Oliver         6.05   R Jeffries
4   Novelty As                  4    1/3H    1/1T    1/Q     3/1H     5/10       1:58.4  32   P Macdonell     24.10   A Lorentzon
2   Cumin First                 2    2/3H    2/1T    5/4T    6/8H     6/21       2:01    33.1 Ri Zeron         8.05   F Oreilly
6   Mystic River                X6   7/49    7/39    7/30H   7/27     7/34       2:03.3  30.4 S Condren        7.30   K Oreilly
1   Windsong Felicity=          1X   8/52    8/43    8/34    8/32T    8/34       2:03.3  30   W Hardy         26.55   M Sinclair
Time: 27.3, 57.2, 1:26.4, 1:56.4 (Temperature: 22, Condition: FT, Variant: 0)
Judges List: Windsong Felicity-BREAKS

1st  Ill Wait For You    (b,f,3 - Kadabra-Blue Cookie-Baltic Speed)
                         Owner: Danterra Racing Stable,Strathroy,ON
2nd  Mets Inn            (b,f,3 - Mutineer-Mets Rival-Pine Chip)
                         Owner: Winbak Farm,Chesapeake City,MD
3rd  Serenas Genie       (b,f,3 - Angus Hall-Trophy Bass-Supergill)
                         Owner: Andrea Lea Racingstables Inc,Lakefield Gore,QC

Övriga lopp denna dag
Friendly Amigo, Ill Wait For You Capture Gold Elims

Favourites Friendly Amigo and Ill Wait For You emerged victorious in their respective Ontario Sires Stakes Gold eliminations for three-year-old filly trotters on Friday night at Mohawk Racetrack.

In the first $40,000 split, it was Friendly Amigo and driver Blair Burgess seizing control at the outset and garnering all of the front-end respect. Once on top, the pair controlled the easy first half of :59.3 and then held on for a narrow victory in 1:57 over a closing Magic Sassy (Rick Zeron) with Lindy Of My Dreams (Paul MacDonell) grabbing the show spot.

“I didn’t really want the front,” said Burgess afterwards regarding the daughter of Amigo Hall - Diminutive. “She’s been racing so much on or near the pace that I wanted to maybe give her a trip in behind one, but she was just too wound up. We’ve been leaving with her every week and that’s all she knows now.

“She doesn’t know how to win and what it’s all about yet. There’s still a bit of a learning curve with her.”

The victory was the first in 11 starts this season for Burgess, who also does the training for wife Karin Olsson Burgess and father Robert. The winner’s share of the purse boosted her lifetime bankroll to just over $152,000 and she returned $3.80 to win.

In the second elimination, Trevor Ritchie tripped out Ill Wait For You and the filly overpowered rivals in the stretch for a sparkling 1:55.4 victory. Mets Inn (Randy Waples) was a well beaten second with Serenas Genie (Luc Ouellette) rounding out the top three.

The daughter of Kadabra - Blue Cookie had struggled in five prior starts this season, but put it all together on Friday night for her second win of the campaign.

“Early in the year, she was a little sluggish and wasn’t finishing her miles strong,” said Ritchie. “Last week she actually finished fairly strong and tonight again, so hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. She got a perfect trip tonight and I didn’t really have to use her much. She sprinted through the wire so hopefully it will set her up well for the final.”

With the win, Ill Wait For You improved her career earnings to just over $269,000 for the Danterra Racing Stable of Strathroy, Ont. She kicked back $4.50 to her backers.

The $130,000 OSS Gold Final will go postward next Friday night at Mohawk. Here is a look at the field in post position order:

1. Novelty AS
2. Serenas Genie
3. Lindy Of My Dreams
4. Friendly Amigo
5. Skyla
6. Magic Sassy
7. Simply Stirling
8. Cuddler
9. Ill Wait For You
10. Mets Inn

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