Road To Hambletonian 2010
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Date Race Track Horse Six Dam-Sire Driver Trainer Time Dist Purse Second Third
2010-07-31 Hambo Elim Me Cassis h Cantab Hall - Dirty Martini Tim Tetrick Ray Schnittker 1:52.4 1609 35 000 Temple Of Doom Wishing Stone
2010-07-31 Hambo Elim Me Lucky Chucky h Windsong's Legacy - Aerobics John Campbell Chuck Sylvester 1:53.1 1609 35 000 Mystery Photo Holiday Road
2010-07-31 Hambo Elim Me Pilgrims Taj h Broadway Hall - BWT Maija Mike Lachance Trond Smedshammer 1:53.3 1609 35 000 Muscle Massive Hard Livin
2010-07-17 Stanley Dancer Me He's A Demon h Muscles Yankee - Sabrina Hall Jody Jamieson Jeffrey Gillis 1:53.1 1609 127 500 Cassis Coco Lindy
2010-07-17 Stanley Dancer Me Muscle Massive h Muscles Yankee - Graceful Touch Ron Pierce Jimmy Takter 1:53.4 1609 130 000 Temple Of Doom Pilgrims Chuckie
2010-07-17 Stanley Dancer Me Holiday Road h Yankee Glide - Jambo Brian Sears Greg Peck 1:54.0 1609 130 000 Lucky Chucky Mystery Photo
2010-07-02 Dickerson Cup Me Holiday Road h Yankee Glide - Jambo Brian Sears Greg Peck 1:52.4 1609 80 900 Muscle Massive Temple Of Doom
2010-06-26 Goodtimes Stakes Mo Sing Jesse Sing h Jailhouse Jesse - Hollybrook Lane Jody Jamieson Ron Burke 1:53.3 1609 387 000 Priority Photo Windsun Galaxie
2010-05-31 Oss Gold final Mo Text Me h Kadabra - Dial Nile Randall Waples Robert McIntosh 1:55.1 1609 130 000 Whit Ken Win Hidden Message
2010-05-08 Dexter Cup Fh Flex The Muscle h Muscles Yankee - Alix Hall David Miller Ray Schnittker 1:56.2 1609 156 000 Shaq Is Back Celebrity Bluechip
2010-04-22 Tie Silk Mo Lorenzo Dream h Taurus Dream - Langala Dream Sylvain Filion Jean Dubois 1:55.4 1609 60,000 Go Go Red Marty Whit Ken Win
2010-04-19 Celias Counsel Mo Bramalea Hanover s Windsongs Legacy - Bramasole Steve Condren Robert McIntosh 1:56.0 1609 60,000 Highland Strikes Sleek Agent


This is our own "road to Hambetonian"

Tie Silk Series runs for 3 years and this has, among others Go Go Red Marty proved to be a good horse and maybe something for the Hambletonian.
He won one of the attempts at 1:58.3

Celia's Counsel Series is for 3-year-old fillies.
Bramalea Hanover won two of the trials and has proven to be a really nice filly and she is probably a potential candidate to Hambletonian Oaks.